10 Photo Listing Tips

listing photo2

  1. Make sure the sun is BEHIND you.  Taking a photo into the light ruins the picture.
  2. If you are going to take a picture of the bathroom, please close the toilet lid.
  3. Leave pets out of the pictures. Only the house is being sold.
  4. Dirt and dust show up in pictures. Dust busters should be in full effect.
  5. When taking a photo in a room with a mirror or large window.  Make sure your reflection isn’t captured in the shot.
  6. Don’t take an interior shot in the dark or at night.  It looks creepy.
  7. Consider a nighttime exterior shot, it can create the right amount of contrast to make your photos stand out. The key is to leave the home’s interior and exterior lights on while you take the photo.
  8. Place the order of the photos to flow through the layout of the home.   The arrangement tells a story make sure it isn’t a horror story.
  9. Don’t post the clutter photo.  Take a few moments to move all the junk out of the shot.
  10. Have all vehicles removed from the driveway or from in front of the home when taking a curbside shot.

Feel free to list additional tips in the comments!